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Posted July 01, 2019
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Still considering whether to go for Hall/RC?

This article answers some common FAQs like:

What’s the difference between a hall and RC?

Whats the culture of each hall/RC?

Must I contribute to the hall/RC?

- Is there a guaranteed stay for freshmen?

I’ve seen multiple questions by prospective freshmen regarding which hall to pick and whether it's worth living on campus. I would say, definitely yes, there’s so much to pick up from living on campus, with seniors, making friends and a whole bunch of activities that will definitely make your college life more vibrant and exciting. It is super important to note that university is much more than grades. This means having a good CCA, leadership record, external skills and hobbies and lots of internships. Having a good campus life really helps a lot in building a good resume, and also challenges you to strike a good balance between hall life and studies. Also remember that you (NUS peeps) have a gradeless first year, take advantage of it and live your campus life to the max!

Making friends is super important in university as well. Yes, its also possible to make friends without living on campus, but having senior friends also helps with getting tips for modules, textbooks, and lots of content like past year papers, notes and projects. Usually these are shared amongst close communities like halls, so it will also be academically strategic to do so. I can honestly say, the past 4 years in uni was definitely must more vibrant and exciting due to hall/RC life, having a close group of friends and community to study with, supper with, hang out, have tons of college activities, do projects together etc etc, definitely some of the closest friends I'll ever make! Don’t regret! Make full use of your campus life!

Though I can’t speak for NTU, most of the stuff here still applies to hall life in NTU as well.

Some common FAQ

What’s the difference between a hall and RC?

Mainly for halls, people earn (points) their place to stay through participating in hall/campus life. While for RCs, its a 2 year programme (there’s no point system), with mixtures of academic stuff, but not to worry, its not extra stuff to learn, as it replaces your NUS GEMS system. Its not to say that RCs have no campus life, there’s just less emphasis on it like less competition to stay. However, contribution is still wanted and if you do so, you are able to stay beyond the 2 year programme through senior retention policies in place.

Whats the culture of each hall/RC?

Must I contribute to the hall/RC?

YES YES YES! Of course you should, it really helps in building the community, hall spirit and a good chance to make friends as well. Some asked also if they don’t have the skills to contribute yet like they aren’t a dancer or a strong sport player, well then it depends whether you’re also willing to learn or pick up the skills! its very competitive to stay, and with the limited slots, seniors will definitely be picking juniors that can contribute and bring the hall/RC to greater heights.

Is there a guaranteed stay for freshmen?

nope, NUS is not like NTU, but still trying to be. they have been increasing the number of slots for freshmen by building new hostels and also trying to reduce the number of slots reserved for seniors. so the number of freshmen slots is always changing and making it more competitive to stay the next year as well.

Which hall has the least points to stay next year?

If you’re asking questions like these, I don’t think you should not be staying in the hall as its not really the right attitude. If you stay, you should contribute naturally and you’ll also naturally get the chance to stay again. Its very competitive to stay the next year and also, if you’re just doing the bare minimum, its also going to get noticed as you don’t show up for events and contribute, definitely will kenna kick out.

Do I need to go for the hall exposure camps?

Not necessity, but it does help your chances a lot. If you can, you should and highly advised you do. First of all, it gives you the chance to interact with seniors who live in the hall, what the culture is like and whether you’ll fit in. It also gives the chance for the seniors to evaluate you and give you a priority to stay if they are choosing who gets in based on the limits of juniors they can take in. The hall exposure camps are also usually on the same time period, so you usually can’t go for more than one at a time. Dates here: It also helps if you know a senior in the hall that can help to refer you.

What to expect for a Hall/RC interview?

I see this a lot the past two weeks... Just be yourself really! Tell us who you are as a person and what you can genuinely contribute. Honestly, as a RC intake interviewer for the past few years, I do get annoyed when people come in with fake idealistic answers or conning us just to stay and disappear from college life. It also makes it possible that you can be removed from the Hall/RC for not living up to what you said and a more worthy junior should stay. But if you really must know what we ask, some posts have already covered it here:

I haven’t got any results or reply after my interview, how ah?

Just be patient! No news is still good news. If you’re rejected from a college, your application isn’t terminated straight away, it gets passed around to the other colleges as well who might read your interview answers and the interviewer opinions and decide to call you for another interview or just accept you. It’s only May! There are several rounds of intakes all the way up till July! Please be patient!

What about other residences like UTR and PGP?

Well, they are considered places to live on campus but some would say the campus life there isnt as vibrant. its usually seen more as just a place for people to live, while not required to participate in campus life or contribute. its also stereotypically associated with foreign students and just muggers living there. i think consider paying the place a visit before deciding. do not mix up PGPR with PGPHouse. while both are in the same PGP area, PGPHouse is a new hall set up by NUS which section aways some previous blocks of PGPR to make this new community, which is still is its infancy stages. but nonetheless still pretty cool and maybe you can help to build the foundation of this new hall culture!

Why do they have weird intake criteria like instagram followers?

What if I'm introverted + is there any clubbing?

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This article is edited from, originally written by u/theNEWgoodgoat.

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