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Posted July 01, 2019
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This article is reposted from https://www.reddit.com/r/SGExams/comments/atz0m7/uni_utown_college_programmeama/, originally written by u/stellarisestelle.

There are 3 forms of accommodations in NUS: Halls, Residential Colleges and Student Residences. I'll be sharing information about residential colleges, specifically the 3 RCs in Utown: CAPT, Tembusu and RC4.

General information

UTCP is a 2 year programme where you'll get to live in one of the 3 RCs in Utown. To complete the UTCP, you'll have to take 5 modules with the college: 1 Junior seminar, 2 Senior seminars and 2 IEM modules. These modules will be used to fulfill some of your General Education requirements and Unrestricted electives. I've seen some people saying that it's 'extra' modules that you have to take. No, it's more like a replacement. The Junior and Senior seminars are based on the college's theme/motto. IEM modules (IEM1 & IEM2) are basically writing modules and you'll meet students from all 3 colleges. P.S. it's better to take IEM1 and a Junior seminar in the same semester.

Difference between the 3 RCs

The main differences are their themes and motto.

College of Alice and Peter Tan: Active citizenship & Community Engagement

Tembusu: Home of Possibilities, Diversity

Residential College 4: Systems Thinking

Each RC offers different interest groups as well. It is not compulsory to join any but I would highly recommend it.


The 3 colleges have similar facilities/rooms. There are mainly 2 kinds of rooms: Corridor rooms & Suite rooms. All rooms are single rooms. 1 Suite has 6 single rooms, a living area and 6 of you will share a bathroom. There are 2 showers, 2 toilets and 2 sinks. For CAPT and Tembusu, there are air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms. All rooms in RC4 are air-conditioned. Do note that the air-conditioners are pay per use.

CAPT & RC4 share a dining hall and Tembusu & Cinnamon College(USP) share another one. If I'm not mistaken each college has their own multi-purpose hall too.

Do come down to the colleges during Open Day(9 March) to see if you like the environment


In comparison to halls, RCs are more expensive but I heard food in RC is way better and facilities are newer. There is also a compulsory meal plan. Breakfast and dinner are available on weekdays. Only breakfast is available on Saturday and only dinner is available on Sunday. Below are the costs of the accommodation and meal plans. Do note that it is subjected to changes and are taken from the colleges website.

CAPT(Data from academic year 2018/2019)

TypeSem 1(18 weeks)Sem 2 (17 weeks)
Single Corridor non A/C$2304$2176
Single Corridor A/C$2592$2448
Single room Suite non A/C$2502$2363
Single room Suite A/C$2790$2635


TypeSem 1(18 weeks)Sem 2(17 weeks)
Single Corridor non A/C$2376$2244
Single Corridor A/C$2682$2533
Single room Suite no A/C$2574$2431
Single room Suite A/C$2880$2720


TypeSem 1(18 weeks)Sem 2(17 weeks)
Single Corridor A/C$2682$2533
Single room Suite A/C$2880$2720

Meal Plans (Same price for all colleges)

Sem 1(18 weeks)Sem 2(17 weeks)
Meal plan$918$867

Application process (11 March - 15 April)

Edit: With the exception of Tembusu College, application deadline has been extended to 22 April 23:59

If you want to join any of the 3 RCs, you'll be applying through the same application. I can't remember the exact question in the application but it basically asks why you want to join the college. The college will look at your essay and ask you to come down for an interview. Based on what I've heard from friends and my personal experience, the colleges hold their interviews differently.

CAPT & Tembusu: You'll be grouped with other interviewees (around 5 people) and you'll be asked to read an article/essay. Afterwards, the 5 of you will hold a discussion and share your views/thoughts.

RC4: It's a 1 to 3 interview, 2 student interviewers and a professor. It's quite casual.

After your interview, you can check on the application website to see whether or not your application was successful. It can take a few weeks before you get to know the results.

If your application was rejected by the college of your choice, your application will be released to a common pool where the other residential colleges (including RVRC) may pick you.

If there's anything important that I've missed out, or you want to know about other minor stuff, feel free to ask!

This article is reposted from https://www.reddit.com/r/SGExams/comments/atz0m7/uni_utown_college_programmeama/, originally written by u/stellarisestelle.

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