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Posted July 01, 2019
Last modified July 01, 2019

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This article is reposted from https://www.reddit.com/r/SGExams/comments/b9c1zo/polytechnic_eappeals_and_appeal_letter_guide/, and originally written by u/RusseIlTovey.

E-appeal links to the various polytechnics.

SP's appeal link: https://publicsas2.sp.edu.sg/cs90pub/courseapplication.htm

NP's appeal link: https://admissions.np.edu.sg/psc/admissions/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/N_ADMISSIONS.N_E_APEAL_CMP_FL.GBL

RP's appeal link: https://www.form.gov.sg/#!/5c92d573de9a9800100e24a8 [ Application link has closed, but you could still try [email protected] ]

NYP's admission office : [email protected]

TP's admission office : [email protected]


I'm sure some of you are anxious awaiting for your DAE postings, and if you do get rejected, there's always the last resort -- submitting an appeal letter. I would only recommend submitting an appeal letter IF you have no postings at any polytechnics. In the event that you wish to switch courses, it is highly unlikely an appeal letter would work since you are already posted to a course (You could still try submitting an appeal letter, you have nothing to lose).

**There are no strict rules you have to follow in writing a successful appeal letter that'll get you admitted in the polytechnic. Do note, writing an appeal letter does not guarantee you a spot in the institution.

Based on personal experience, I've been accepted by various polys via appeal letter and 2 of my other friends got admitted into their schools through an appeal letter as well.

Here's what I would recommend in writing an appeal letter:

  1. Basic email etiquette. You are writing in the admission office or to the course chairperson. In their shoes, you are the last batch of students they'll consider after all the admission exercises hence you need to sound polite.

  2. State the course(s) you wish to be admitted to. I'd recommend writing 2 courses (that you did not select in any of your prior admission exercises) and explain why you should are specifically applying for said courses. (Is it because of passion? Is it because getting into the course could help you achieve your dream job? Is it because of the specific skills taught in the diploma that attracts you? Ask yourself why you want to study that course specifically). P.S: Your reasons can be lengthy, after all, you do want to come across as passionate and genuine in the letter.

  3. Why you are applying for specifically, E.g TP. What is the attribute about TP that makes you want to be enrolled into TP as compared to other polytechnics (It could be the school's mission/vision, the learning style, the environment, etc)

Note: You need to submit a picture of your IC (Front and Back), your O-level/A-level/ITE results, CCA records and if you wish, testimonials written by your teachers along with your appeal letter that you're emailing in.

If anyone need any help regarding the content of the appeal letter/appeal process, feel free to PM me!

All the best in submitting your applications and letters!

This article is reposted from https://www.reddit.com/r/SGExams/comments/b9c1zo/polytechnic_eappeals_and_appeal_letter_guide/, and originally written by u/RusseIlTovey.

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