A rough guide to NTU Physics (Year 1 Sem 1)


Posted July 01, 2019
Last modified July 01, 2019

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This article is reposted from https://www.reddit.com/r/SGExams/comments/brq6ct/uni_a_rough_guide_to_ntu_physics_year_1_sem_1/, originally written by u/wafflewoofle.

Hello! I'm a physics senior and I would like to share some things with you which I did not know before I entered NTU. Hopefully, this will help you in some way. There are certain things which I decided to not mention, as it's best to hear from the seniors themselves in person.

Before Orientation

  • Choosing your matric card design

During the matriculation process, you get to choose between 2 designs for your matric card. Take note that your physical card (example) will look different compared to the sample shown online (example). There is a difference in the cropping of the design. The size and positioning of the text are also different. (I chose the lion design and was disappointed by the final product rip)

  • Preparatory course

In late June, someone will send you an email (not school email) regarding the registration for a math and physics preparatory course. The prep course will probably take place in the first 2 weeks of July (assuming it's just like last year).

There will be 2 groups of students for the physics lectures, those who did not take H2 Physics and those who did. There will also be engineering freshies attending the physics lectures with you guys. For math lectures, there is no grouping.

  • Health check-up

Please bring something to entertain yourself when you go for your health check up. Also remember to print out and bring the required forms/money!

When I signed up for a morning slot, I had to wait for 2 hours before I could finish the checkup and leave the clinic.

  • Choosing an orientation camp (O'Week vs SuPreMeS)

I'm not sure when you can start signing up but it's probably soon.

What's the difference between the two?

Day activities (officially)Overnight stay
Less intense activities (generally indoor + lightish outdoor activities)More intense and exciting
Smaller feeLarger fee

I went for the O'Week one and found it to be okay (in terms of intensity), as I'm not an active person. You can't go for both though as they are held during the same time period.

During Orientation

  • Finding your way to SPMS

The only bus that stops right outside the SPMS building is campus blue (internal bus). You will know that you are reaching SPMS when the bus enters an open-air carpark. SBS Transit Bus 179 and campus red will stop somewhere nearby but you need to walk a bit.

SPMS is located near the Hive (picture) so when the bus stops near-ish it, you should alight.

  • SPMS/NTU Freshman Welcome

Before the orientation activities begin, you will need to attend the welcome session in SPMS (you have to in order to collect your matric card). Each student is also allocated an academic mentor (faculty member in physics) and you may or may not see your mentor on that day.

After Orientation

  • University Physics (Young and Freedman 14th ed.)

This will be the main text you will use for the first semester (PH1104-Mechanics and PH1105-Optics, Vibrations & Waves). I don't recommend getting a new copy as it's expensive (around 60SGD? yes i bought it rip) and it's very heavy so I doubt you will want to bring it around to lectures and tutorials. I prefer 14th ed and not 13th ed because the terms in the equations are clearly labeled and you don't have to waste time finding out what the hell certain mysterious variables stand for.

You can buy the digital copy of the textbook for $5 during the preparatory course.

  • Location of some important places

SPMS TR+1 and TR+2- These tutorial rooms are located beside the printing room. I remembered spending 10 minutes trying to find the rooms back then lol.

SPMS LT1- The entrances to this LT are located at Level 4 (above printing room) and outside the printing room (beside Koufu) at the exterior of the building.

  • PS0001- Introduction to Computational Thinking

It's not stated in the NTU website (I think) but you will be learning the basics of Python 3.

This article is reposted from https://www.reddit.com/r/SGExams/comments/brq6ct/uni_a_rough_guide_to_ntu_physics_year_1_sem_1/, originally written by u/wafflewoofle.

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