Join The Team

The SGExams team has a broader vision for the betterment of the student community in Singapore, and is always venturing into new projects and areas. We welcome pioneers and visionaries to come on board with us as our family grows. If you would like to join us, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] with a description of yourself and why you wish to join us!

Ventures Department

The Ventures Team explores new horizons through partnerships that benefit and engage the SGExams community. To support our engagement, Ventures aims to secure sponsorships and fundings to build a sustainable future.

Community Projects Department

The Department started off with a vision to bring across the message of compassion and thoughtfulness to youths in Singapore and engage the student community meaningfully. Ultimately, the team aims to serve as a stepping stone for students wanting to kickstart their volunteering journey.

Reddit Department

Through the implementation of innovative practices within the subreddit and beyond, the Reddit team value-adds to the student community by curating informative and interactive content.

Discord Department

The SGExams Discord Server is where work and play come together. The Discord team ensures that the Discord remains a safe environment for that to take place, allowing members to develop friendships through both study and fun.

Telegram Department

The Telegram Department aims to give students a platform for mutual support and civil discussion. The team moderates the Telegram groups (Chat groups and Study groups) and is currently in charge of the SGExams Telegram Channel.

Website Department

The Website Team aims to make the browser tab that students will keep open whenever they are studying. It is also be the one-stop portal for authentic ground-up information regarding schools and admissions in Singapore.

Marcomms Department

The Marketing & Communications team was formed to more effectively reach out to more students in Singapore in our pursuit to support a better student community. The Department ideates, plans & executes effective marketing plans for all of SGExams and its projects.

Partner With Us

The SGExams team is always excited to partner with like-minded organisations and explore new opportunities. Drop us an email at [email protected] if you wish to set up a new partnership with us.