Our Student Dialogues

an SGExams initiative

"Our Student Dialogues" is a year-long initiative aimed at improving the education journey of Singapore students. The project is split into 3 phases, with each phase having its key area of focus - namely Gathering Opinions, Sparking Conversations and Inspiring Action.

Phase 1: Gathering Opinions

A series of 6 questions will be posted on a weekly basis, each targeting an aspect of student life. These questions will focus on collecting students’ opinions (both negative and positive). At the end of the 6 weeks, all the responses will be collated into an ebook - which will be published online and presented to MOE.

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Phase 2: Sparking Conversations

After highlighting concerns and opinions raised by students in Phase 1, we will hold monthly dialogue sessions on the issues. Various stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, educational professionals, companies and nonprofits will be brought together to discuss policy-based and ground-up solutions. Phase 2 will end with a panelist session open to the public.

Due to the DORSCON Level increasing to Orange during the 2020 novel coronavirus situation, we have cancelled Dialogues 2 and 3 and the Student Impact Forum. We will instead poll our participants for questions, video the panelists' responses and post it on our Instagram page.

Phase 3 - Inspiring Action

After singling out the most pertinent issues and feasible solutions suggested, student project teams would be set up to investigate the issues, under the guidance and support of educational stakeholders. Ground-up solutions that are feasible and sustainable will be set for long term development. Meanwhile, solutions that would require policy changes will be presented to the government.

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